2016 Regular Season

Posted by Mark Choma on December 8, 2016 at 4:25 PM

  Congratulations to Nathan Furbee & Shawn Durben on the 2016 GCBA Anglers of the Year Title!!!

2016 Regular Season Honors-


Teams that fished all 10 regular season tournaments:


     • Shawn Durben & Nathan Furbee

     • Clint VanHorn

     • Travis & Tony Wood

     • Jay Anker & Mark DeLancey

     • Dave & Ty Cox

     • Danny & Danny Miller

     • Justin Leake & Carl Graham

     • Rusty Baker & Eric Tice

  Heaviest Bag @ 18.52 lbs – Jamie Fabian & Chris Hall (May, 14th @ Tappan Lake)

  Biggest Bass @ 5.51 lbs – Shawn Durben & Nathan Furbee (April, 9th @ Salt Fork Lake)

   There has been $17,745.00 paid out this year (not including the Classic or AOY pot) and was our best boat per tournament average year yet with 27.3 per (2015/26.20, 2014/26.15, 2013/17.5).

Classic Championship-

  The Bob Urdak Memorial Classic Championship is the weekend of April. 8th & 9th, 2017

     • Day 1 Sat. 4/8 @ Salt Fork Lake-Old Marina North ramp 7a-3p

     • Day 2 Sun. 4/9 @ Seneca Lake-Dam ramp 7a-3p

  Entry Fee is $100 per boat. 100% of entry fees & championship fund will be paid out!

   Day 1 launch will be in the order of your team’s regular season points total. Day 2 will launch in the order of your finish on day 1.

  Heaviest total 2 day weight wins

  We have 26 teams qualified for the Classic Championship:

     Shawn Durben / Nathan Furbee

     Clint VanHorn

     Travis Wood / Tony Wood

     Jay Anker / Mark DeLancey

     David Cox / Ty Cox

     Jamie Fabian / Chris Hall

     Tim Hudson / Nick Hudson

     Frank Arthurs / Frank Arthurs Jr.

     Shawn Warford / Jason Cole

     Matt VanHorn

     Danny Miller / Danny Miller Jr.

     Justin Leake / Carl Graham

     Craig Cantrill / Clarence Cantrill

     Jimmy Olden / Anthony Neff

     Sonny Noon / Logan Noon

     Bill Dowler / Jody Dowler

     Mike Lightle / Michael Lightle

     Rusty Baker / Eric Tice

     Mike Panas / Steve Panas

     Tommy Blakely / Larry Cassidy

     Dave Cutlip / Steve Lemley

     Todd Hendershot / Cliff Bann

     Scott Millward / Cody Rose

     Ryan Resor / Scott Ayers

     Dale Kandel / Eric Reed

     Danny Gatrell / Brad Foraker


  Remember, alternates are not permitted to fish the championship except under special circumstances (deployment, illness, etc.) and after being voted upon by the anglers.


   If all twenty six (26) qualified teams attend we will have a prize pot of $5330.00 (Champ Fund $2730 & Entry Fees $2600) up for grabs.


Thank you all for a great year!


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