Association Rules

  1. Rules Interpretation: In the event of a rules violation the Association President may impose such sanctions as deemed appropriate, including, without limitation, disqualification, forfeiture of prizes and prohibition from participation in subsequent tournaments. The president shall have the exclusive right to interpret these rules and may, without prior notice, institute rule changes as deemed appropriate for the good of the association.
  2. Entry Fees / Participation / Registration: This association is based on a team entry format, but fishing single is permitted. A team shall consist of those individuals who complete and sign the entry for their first event. The entry fee shall be $80 per event, including big bass (excluding the championship) and is divided as follows $60/$5/$10/$5 - payout/big bass/championship setback/expenses. Registration opens one (1) hour prior to the start time the morning of the event and will close 15 minutes prior to the designated starting time. Tournament director may designate someone to assist in tournament functions; boat checks, weigh in, etc.
  3. Starting Position: Your starting position will be determined via your order of arrival at registration at each venue, first to arrive will be first boat out etc. If ten (10) or less boats have entered, launch will be a “shotgun start”. Championship starting positions will be based on the point’s position of your team after the ten (10) regular season events; on Day 1, the team with the highest points total will launch first and so on, Day 2 will launch in order of the teams finish on Day 1 (first place launching first and so on).  
  4. Membership Fee: There will be a membership fee of $20 (twenty) per angler , which shall be due and payable with first entry. Membership fees will also apply to alternates, the use of whom will follow the registrations contained herein. $5 (five) of each member fee will go into the Team of the Year fund, to be awarded 100% to the team with the most accumulated points at the end of the regular season.
  5. Alternates: Each team shall be allowed to use no more than two (2) alternates per season. If an alternate is to participate in an event, he or she must come to registration before the event; identify themselves, for whom they are fishing and present required member fee. Regular team members shall be permitted to fish single; however both alternates cannot fish in place of both regular team members. If a team should separate into two teams, the points accumulated and tourneys fished will be awarded to the member established as the original boater. ALTERNATES MAY BE PERMITTED TO FISH THE CHAMPIONSHIP ONLY IN SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES, PERMISSION WILL BE VOTED ON.
  6. Liability Wavier: Each team member and alternate will agree to indemnify this association against any and all liability as agreed of fishing this association and shall hold as harmless all parties thereto.
  7. Check In: Each team will be given a token at registration containing your launch/boat number for that tournament. A team will be considered checked in when said token has been returned and number of fish being weighed by that team has been tallied. Late teams will suffer a penalty of 1lb per minute and be disqualified after 5 minutes. NO EXCEPTIONS!  Fishing must cease once partner has left the boat to check in. Scale will open ten (10) minutes after check in time.
  8. Bags / Ties: The limit shall be: five (5) fish fifteen (15) inch minimum at Seneca; five (5) fish twelve (12) inch minimum at Tappan & Berlin. At Salt Fork Lake, four (4) fish, two of which fifteen (15) inches and over and two between twelve (12) and fifteen (15) inches per boat (single or team) fish with “cut” tails will not be weighed as “unders”. Ties will be broken as follows: 1)Number of fish, 2)Biggest bass, 3)Coin toss.
  9. Dead / Short Fish: Each dead fish shall incur an eight (8) ounce and one (1) point penalty. Short fish shall incur a one (1) pound penalty and loss of fish. Anglers may request to “double check” their fish on official tournament board and cull accordingly without penalty before handing over to the weigh master. Dead bass cannot be counted as Big Bass. Ohio DNR rules for fish measurement of closed mouth and pinched tail.
  10. Sportsmanship: Any infraction of the following fundamental sporting principles shall be cause for disqualification: use of alcohol or drugs, coarse or foul language, any act which reflects unfavorably upon efforts to promote conservation and clean waters and courtesy to all other users of the resource. Arguing, fighting or failure to settle differences in a gentlemanly manner shall result in immediate sanctions, as will failure to treat others in a manner in which you would expect to be treated.
  11. Cancellation / Venue Change: If a tournament should need to be cancelled, delayed or relocated for any reason, notice will posted on the website homepage (fishGCBA.net) and emailed to all site members. Tournament will NOT be cancelled after launch! Anglers are responsible for their personal safety…use your best judgment in the event of severe weather!
  12. Safety / Rules Generally: Boating safety must be observed at all times during competition. All equipment must be in safe, operational condition. All required safety equipment (according to ODNR) must be onboard. Boats are subject to inspection by tournament director, officials and/or designees at any time before, during or after tournaments. In the event of a mechanical failure, the participant’s vessel may be towed in by anyone, if necessary an angler can be brought in by another competitor if tournament director is notified before fish are transferred and given total number and approximate weight of fish being weighed for both teams. B.A.S.S. National Official Rules except for those exceptions noted herein and/or expanded upon, copies of which are available from ESPN/BASS or in written form from the association upon request.
  13. Lake Rules and 50 Yard Rule: All Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District (MWCD) rules and regulations must be observed at all times. Including but not limited to: Obeying all buoys and navigation rules, no wake zones and restricted areas. Anglers may cast into and fish “No Boat” areas as long as boat remains outside of such areas. All fuel docks are completely off limits. There will be no passing of another competitor’s boat with a lower boat number in the “no wake” zone at launch unless “waived by” or if said boat has begun fishing. If you should receive a fine/citation from Lake Patrol, Dept. of Watercraft, Park Rangers, etc. during tournament hours you WILL BE disqualified AND forfeit your entry fees, also, depending on the severity of the infraction, may be prohibited from further participation in this association. No fishing within 50 yards of another competitor’s boat, unless agreed upon between boats. Please communicate and be sportsmanlike and respectful of others (see rule #10).
  14. Angling methods: Fishing with rod and reel is the only permitted method. Trolling is prohibited. Only one rod and reel may be utilized at any one time with the rod remaining in contact with and gripped by the angler’s hand at all times. Artificial baits only, with the exception of pork trailers. NO LIVE BAIT.
  15. Protest: Must be made as soon as practical either during the course of the tournament day, or immediately upon exiting the water preferably in written form, however, verbal protests will be allowed if they are promptly followed in written form. All protests must be lodged by the close of the scale at the weigh-in.
  16. Tournament Standings / Results: Points are awarded as follows; 1st place will receive 100 points + weight (ex; 100 + 10.00lbs = 110 points) 2nd place will receive 99 points + weight and so on. Teams with no (0) fish will receive half of points after last boat with fish (ex; 10th place weighs 8.25lbs they would be awarded 91 points + weight = 99.25 points and 11th place weighs 0 fish they would receive 45 points, all boats with no fish receive the same points). Big Bass of tournament will be awarded a one (1) point bonus. It is the intent of this association to attempt to provide all communications, postings, etc. by the Internet. These will be posted at www.fishgcba.net and notification of postings emailed to those anglers who have provided valid email addresses.
  17. Payouts: Paying four (4) places at all regular season tournaments. Based on a 25 boat field, payouts would be 1st-$800, 2nd-$400, 3rd-$200, 4th-$100, Big Bass-$125 with $250 going to the championship fund.
  18. Championship Qualification & Entry Fees: A point’s system format will be used for qualification (see rule #15). You must fish at least five (5) of the eight (8) regular season events and be in the top 60% via points to qualify for the championship. All qualified teams will have a $100 entry fee for the championship, which will be paid back 100% to the winning teams along with 100% of the championship setback fund.
  19. GCBA tournament director / officials reserve the right to accept or deny any entry for any reason.


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